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Engaging with Access to Information: the 2015 Work Plan of the OGP ATI Working Group

Laura Neuman, Director of Global Access to Information Program, The Carter Center
María José Montiel, Director of Open Government Department, Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection, Mexico (IFAI)

Faced with the growing demand for quality, useful and reliable information, as well as the urgent need to improve public confidence in public institutions, the Access to Information Working Group (ATI WG) was created in 2013. The main objectives of the OGP ATI WG are to support learning opportunities among Open Government Partnership (OGP) member countries, to encourage more ambitious commitments on ATI as part of OGP action plans, and to engage the participation of stakeholders in the formulation and oversight of ATI commitments.

Increasing transparency and ATI is at the core of OGP values and principles. For that purpose, and in order to enhance the capacities of institutions and society to successfully identify, publish and disseminate useful and public information, it is essential to place government information as the foundation on which other components of Open Government can be developed. This is also crucial in order to address the most pressing social needs, solving public problems and improving the effectiveness of government institutions.

This webinar will cover the presentation of the 2015 ATI WG work plan, as well as highlight the key activities planned in order to achieve our annual objectives. The speakers will discuss the importance of ensuring the right of ATI -and its exercise-, its potential impact on citizens’ quality of life, and its role on building more democratic and equal societies. Further, other activities will be announced such as the Africa Regional OGP Meeting, and the development of a small grants project for research or programming linked to ATI and other government OGP commitments


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