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Open Government Partnership at Five Years: What to Look for at the Paris Summit

OGP is five years old! What has happened in this time? What is happening next?

Join us for a short lunch discussion with such exciting topics as:
  • OGP Steering Committee members on their strategic goals for the next few years of OGP (subnational governments, OGP’s strategic refresh, and how we get more ambitious commitments)

  • The OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism will report on what the data says about where we do and do not see progress in OGP. countries

  • Have your voice heard on the direction of OGP, and how you use it.





  • Joe Foti to present data on progress and challenges in OGP over the first four years.

  • Joe Powell to set the geopolitical scene for the Summit and outline the strategic goals of the OGP Steering Committee and Support Unit, including the opportunity of the Paris Declaration.

  • All other commenters:

    • Please discuss your organization’s goals for OGP over the next year? (What are you working on?)

    • What will you be looking to get specifically out of the Summit and how does this fit into your organization’s strategy?

    • Do you have advice for the strategic direction of the larger OGP community?


Is this event open to the public or only for Hub members? Yes

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