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Reviewing 2015, Looking to 2016: Legislative Openness and OGP

In 2015, the Open Government Partnership helped advance legislative openness around the world. As the robust legislative track at the OGP Summit in Mexico indicated, significant progress has been made advancing legislative openness through OGP and more fully engaging legislatures in the process. During this webinar, the co-chairs of the Open Government Partnership’s Legislative Openness Working Group — the Congress of Chile and the National Democratic Institute — will provide an update on work completed over the course of 2015 and will also discuss potential work to be completed in 2016. This webinar will also provide an opportunity to discuss the Working Group’s work plan for 2016 and solicit input on what types of activities should be prioritized. In addition, the Working Group will use this opportunity to highlight the work of the Parliament of Georgia, which has developed a legislative openness action plan in conjunction with civil society organizations. The Parliament of Georgia also hosted the Legislative Openness Working Group conference, which brought together over 100 participants from more than 30 countries to discuss how OGP can be used to advance legislative openness. Representatives of the Parliament of Georgia and Georgian civil society will discuss their ongoing collaboration to advance openness, specifically mentioning good practices or lessons learned.



Scott Hubli
Director of Governance Programs – National Democratic Institute (NDI)
Nino Beradze
Director of Public Relations at the Parliament of Georgia
Giorgi Klidiashvili
Director – Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), Georgia


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