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The Current State of Civic Space in OGP Webinar

Civic space is the capacity of citizens and civil society organizations to freely organize, participate, and communicate without hindrance from government or non-government actors. With the rising threats and challenges to these freedoms, we will look at the following objectives in this webinar:

  • Share the current snapshot on the state of civic space in OGP, including what the data shows, challenges and opportunities in OGP countries, and the road ahead.
  • Highlight ways in which governments and civil society are engaging with issues of civic space in OGP, including using the OGP process and action plans to bolster efforts to protect civic space. 
  • Brainstorm ideas and recommendations on what OGP members, OGP Support Unit and Steering Committee could do more-of to strengthen civic space work.

Join us  next month for a webinar with civic space reformers in the open government community!

We will update this page when a date has been set. Additional information can be found here.

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