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Webinar: Drafting Stronger Action Plans

Abhinav Bahl, OGP Peer Exchange and Learning
Joseph Foti, Program Manager, Independent Reporting Mechanism
Maya Forstater, Manager, Transparency and Accountability Initiative)

Over the next few months 46 countries will develop new OGP action plans. As governments work together with civil society to draft new commitments, the Support Unit is organizing a series of webinars to provide participants with the learning resources to help develop strong action plans. The goal of this session is to share good practices with participants involved in their country’s action plan drafting efforts.

Drawing on past experience supporting countries developing action plans along with specific insights gleaned from the IRM assessments, the session walks participants through guidelines, tools, and techniques for drafting clear commitments and high quality action plans.  We also present the OpenGov Guide, a useful resource for new open government reform ideas as well as improving the ambition of commitments.

Participation is open to both government and civil society attendees. The targeted audiences of this session are government POCs responsible for drafting action plans as well as civil society practitioners who are involved with action plan development at the country level.


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