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Webinar: Leverage your Advocacy Work through the Open Government Partnership

Join us for a short introduction to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and how it uses collective action to bring together reformers inside and outside government. We will discuss how members of the network could use OGP to leverage their advocacy work on legal and community empowerment and access to justice issues.

Founded in 2011, OGP provides a platform for civil society to work with their governments to draft and implement policy commitments on their priority advocacy issues. Over the last five years, the OGP has grown from its founding 8 countries and 9 civil society leaders to over 70 participating countries and thousands of civil society organizations, who have together made 2,700 commitments on making government functioning more transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

The space that OGP creates through its mandate only works if strong civil society advocates, with diverse set of issues, engage with it in different countries. The community within the Global Legal Empowerment Network is well-positioned to influence impactful reforms through OGP.

Paul Maassen, Director for Civil Society Engagement, OGP (@maassenpaul
Tonu Basu, Program Officer, OGP (@tonubasu
Maha Jweied, Acting Director, Office for Access to Justice, United States Department of Justice (@Maha_Jweied)

Date: March 15th
TIme: 9 am New York (2 pm Freetown; 3 pm Amsterdam; 5 pm Nairobi; 9 pm Bang kok)
Forum: Online Webinar – details sent upon registration
Registration: sign up for free here


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