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Webinar: Open Contracting – From Principles to Practice



Lindsey Marchessault, World Bank Institute
María Margarita Zuleta Gonzalez, Director of the Colombian National Public Contracting Agency, Colombia Compra Eficiente
Harold Marvin Aidoo, Executive Director of the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD), Liberia


Open Contracting – From Principles to Practice. Case Studies from Colombia and Liberia

Because of their vital role in the financial health of a country and the lives of its citizens, there is a crucial interest in ensuring that public contracts are fairly awarded, get good value-for-money, and are well performed. Yet, public contracting is vulnerable to wastefulness, mismanagement, inefficiency, and corruption. Open contracting aims to increase disclosure and participation in all stages of public contracting (from planning to completion of obligations). A growing number of countries are enhancing disclosure with participatory options. Colombia and Liberia are two OGP member countries that have made significant progress in opening public contracts. Their experiences are suggesting the real potential of Open Contracting to contribute to sustainable public resource management and innovative performance in delivery of goods and services, and hence to further demonstrate the value of open and accountable government. 


Access the recorded webinar here: 

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