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Core Eligibility Criteria

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In order to join OGP, countries must exhibit a demonstrated commitment to open government values by meeting a set of minimum performance criteria across key dimensions of open government. In addition to passing the Values Check, countries must earn a minimum score across four Core Eligibility criteria (Fiscal Transparency, Access to Information, Asset Disclosure, and Citizen Engagement). Objective, third-party indicators are used to determine the extent of country progress on each of the criteria.

Core Eligibility is determined by third-party evaluations of countries’ performance in four critical areas of open government: Fiscal Transparency, Access to Information, Asset Disclosure, and Citizen Engagement. Countries can earn up to four points for their performance in each of these metrics, for a total of 16 points. As some of the metrics do not cover all countries, some countries are only measured on three criteria (and can earn up to 12 points). Read more about how the Eligibility Criteria are scored here.

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