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According to the OGP Articles of Governance, OGP commitments should include a clear open government lens. Specifically, they should advance at least one of the OGP values: transparency, citizen participation, and/or public accountability. Following an action plan’s submission, OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) uses the “Does it have an open government lens?” indicator to assess each commitment’s relevance in the Action Plan Review.

The IRM determines whether a commitment has an open government lens through a close reading of the commitment text and by answering the following question: Does the commitment set out to make a policy area, institutions or decision-making process more transparent, participatory or accountable to the public?

A more detailed definition of the three OGP values of transparency, citizen participation, and public accountability can be found in the OGP Values Guidance Note. Note: inclusion and technology and innovation are other important values that OGP action plans should advance, but these should be achieved in addition to one of the three values above.

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