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Independent Reporting Mechanism – Action Plan Review

IRM Guidance – Action Plan Review (Graphic)

Why is this helpful?

The action plan review is an independent, concise, technical review of the characteristics of the action plan and the strengths and challenges the IRM identifies to inform a stronger implementation process. Action plan contents are reviewed to identify promising commitments and provide targeted recommendations on how to achieve effective implementation and results.

Who is this for?

Country governments, stakeholders, and other participants shape the review through interviews and feedback on a draft and can use this to improve their actions plans.

What is it?

The action plan review contains:

  • an overview of the action plan including its characteristics, total number of commitments, policy areas covered, strengths and weaknesses and identifies promising commitments
  • an analysis of promising individual or clustered commitments (groups of related commitments in a reform area) including their context and objectives, potential for results and opportunities, as well as challenges and recommendations for implementation
  • a review of whether or not the country’s co-creation process met the minimum requirements per OGP’s procedural review policy to act according to process
  • a list of all the action plan’s commitments, coded and clustered

When does it happen?

The action plan review commences just after the action plan is submitted to OGP. It is delivered to the government and/or multistakeholder forum within four months.

How do we do it?

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  • The IRM team identifies the action plan’s most promising commitments based on clarity, open government values and expected outcomes. The action plan review also assesses the minimum threshold of OGP’s ‘Participation and Co-Creation Standards’ to determine the level of public influence during the co-creation process.
  • An IRM researcher interviews in-country stakeholders and the multi-stakeholder forum to validate and deepen the review and assess the potential for results of individual and groups of related commitments. The International Experts Panel or an expert reviewer checks the draft action plan review for quality and accuracy.
  • The final draft of the action plan review is shared with the government and/or multi-stakeholder forum for a 21-day pre-publication comment period. The final action plan review is shared with the government/multi-stakeholder forum and published on the member page of the OGP website.


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