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Procedural Review

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According to OGP’s Articles of Governance, OGP participating countries are expected to consistently and continually advance open government for the well-being of their citizens. This includes developing and implementing action plans in line with OGP Participation & Co-Creation Standards and timelines.

To this end, Procedural Review was established to ensure that all OGP participating countries act in accordance with the OGP process. A country’s participation in OGP may be reviewed by the OGP Steering Committee if it acts contrary to OGP process, or contrary to OGP principles. More information about this process and current cases can be found here.

An OGP member country is considered to have acted contrary to process when any of the following takes place:

  1. The government does not publish an OGP action plan within 12 months after the end date of their last action plan.
  2. The government does not meet the minimum requirements established in the Participation & Co-Creation Standards, as assessed by the IRM.
  3. The government fails to make progress on implementation of any of the commitments in the country’s action plan, as assessed by the IRM.

See also: OGP Steering Committee, OGP Minimum Requirements, Member Status

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