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Open data from Ministry of Culture & Sports (GR0077)



Action Plan: Greece Action Plan 2019-2022

Action Plan Cycle: 2019

Status: Active



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Policy Areas

Access to Information, E-Government, Open Data

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IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

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Short description: The Ministry of Culture and Sports, as well as its supervised bodies, have at their disposal a plethora of data that fall within the scope of Law 4727/2020 and will be available for further use in order to contribute to an overall development and participation of citizens.

Which public issue is addressing: - Citizens, through datasets, will gain access to information ( website available). Published datasets will become a useful tool for citizens' access to culture and motivate productive forces to develop IT applications of cultural interest. - Distribution of similar sets in different ways by various Services: By set grouping and homogenizing the goal becomes a common policy of allocating similar data, so that every citizen becomes aware of how and under which conditions it is possible to obtain the data one needs.

Which body/ bodies will have the main responsibility for implementation: Ministry of Culture and Sports (Culture sector) in collaboration with its supervised entities

Actions: 1) Carrying out an e-consultation, by setting questions that will strengthen the participation of citizens in the definition of the available data sets. 2) Improving the quality of data sets and metadata. 3) Update published datasets. 4) Grouping and homogenising of the datasets of the relevant Services. 5) Decision for releasing data available to the public.

Milestones for implementation: (Each one to be linked to verifiable deliverables) 1) Completion of Consultation: End of March 2021 2) Carrying out the Report / Consultation Results: End of April 2021 3) Culture Services datasets grouping and homogenizing: end of August 2021 4) Improving the quality of data sets and metadata: end of August 2021 40 5) Decision to release open data: One (1) end of August 2021 OGP principles: • Access to information • Public Participation


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