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NGO Fund (LV0001)



Action Plan: Latvia Action Plan 2012

Action Plan Cycle: 2012

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: State Chancellery

Support Institution(s): Council for the Implementation of the Cooperation Memorandum between Non-governmental Organizations and the Cabinet of Ministers; Society Integration Foundation (SIF); Ministry of Welfare

Policy Areas

Capacity Building, Civic Space, Freedom of Association, Public Participation

IRM Review

IRM Report: Latvia IRM Progress Report 2012-2013

Starred: No

Early Results: No IRM Data

Design i

Verifiable: No

Relevant to OGP Values: Civic Participation

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



Implement the "NGO Fund" programme co-financed by the European Economic Zone thus increasing the capacity of NGO and their quality engagement in drafting legislation and sectorial policies. February 2012 a third round of project proposal selection with joint funding of 1 million euros was announced. Third round of project proposal selection is implemented within European Social Fund operational program “Human resources and employment” Sub-activity “Administrative Capacity Building of NGOs”.


Open Government Partnership