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OECD 2018 Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum – Breakfast Round Table

OGP – in collaboration with our partners at OECD and Transparency International – would like to invite you to a breakfast round table, to discuss how we can advance collective action on anti-corruption reforms.

On Wednesday March 28, 2018
8:00-9:15am at Room CC16 in the OECD building

While anti-corruption is not a nascent policy effort or idea by any means, recent developments such as the release of the Panama and Paradise papers has underscored the need for national-level anti-corruption reform to be geared towards the realities of globalized financial flows and practices. More than ever before, these releases have also demonstrated the need for the public and private sector, along with civil society, to work together on these reform efforts.

The Open Government Partnership remains a strong platform to link these global conversations to domestic action on reform. As an example, after the 2016 UK Anti-Corruption Summit, over twenty countries embedded their summit pronouncements into OGP action plans – ensuring continuity and accountability for implementation, involving civil society.

2018 is shaping up to be a significant year for global anti-corruption conversations – starting with the OECD Anti-corruption and Integrity Forum in March and culminating with the International Anti-Corruption Conference in October, with other significant regional and multilateral conversations in between – including the OGP Global Summit in July.  The OECD Anti-corruption and Integrity Forum provides a big opportunity to set the stage for the global conversations to follow.

This breakfast meeting will highlight key emerging areas of reform, as well as a draw a shared roadmap for dialogue over the coming months. More specifically, it will help surface concrete opportunities for i) advancing key areas highlighted at the Forum at the country level – including through OGP action plans, ii) identifying opportunities for collaboration after the Forum, and iii) determining key milestones to check in on through subsequent convenings at the OGP Global Summit in July 2018 and the International Anti Corruption Conference in October 2018.

For more on how OGP can help advance collective action, we invite you to read this blogpost by our Deputy CEO Joe Powell.

If you are interested to attend the breakfast roundtable, please contact
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