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OGP Local Application Process (2023)

The 2023 call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to join OGP Local has ended.

After receiving 138 submissions, the OGP Support Unit and OGP Local Selection Committee will begin reviewing all expressions of interest and supporting materials. 

Selection Process

Applications will be assessed for completeness and satisfaction of the minimum criteria. Following the initial assessment, the applications will be subject to a due diligence process to determine if any of the applicants might pose a reputational risk for OGP. All applications that pass the due diligence process will be assessed by a Selection Committee, which will determine the final list of new members to OGP Local. The OGP Local Selection Committee is composed of representatives from governments and civil society organizations from the OGP:

  • Natalia Carfi, Executive Director, The Open Data Charter (Steering Committee Member)
  • Philip Thigo, Advisor on Data and Open Government at the Office of the President of Kenya (Lead Government Co-Chair 2023 – 2024).
  • María Pia Junquera Temprano, General Director for Citizen Participation, City of Madrid, Spain
  • Tamar Ghlonti, Executive Director, The Institute for Change and Innovations (Ozurgeti, Georgia)
  • Shreya Basu, Chief, Country & Local Programs, OGP
  • Rudi Borrmann, OGP Director, Communications, Content, & Community Engagement.

The Selection Committee will evaluate all eligible applications according to the criteria elements (reasons for joining, ambition, track record, capacity, clarity of benefits, and potential contributions). However, these will not be the only deciding factor for the final selection. Cohort-balancing, regional diversity, due diligence, and cohort fit will also be considered.

Selected new members will be informed by the end of March 2024.

Cohort Diversity Considerations

The selection process will seek to ensure diversity of the cohort, which includes balancing: regions, urban/non-urban mix, size and type of local government, and level of economic development. In addition, priority will be given to applicants in countries that have few or no local members and that have at least 24 months left in the term of the current government from January 2024 to ensure new members sufficient time to develop the first OGP local action plan.

Cohort fit will also be assessed in terms of common thematic interest areas and scope for peer learning and support, or potential for innovation. In case there are multiple shortlisted applications from the same country, OGP will consult the national point of contact (POC) and multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) about which local jurisdictions might have the maximum potential to inspire their peers.

Opportunities for All Applicants

Local jurisdictions that are not on the final list to join the 2024 cohort, will be explicitly invited to participate in the knowledge and learning activities, online discussions, and overall activities of OGP Local. All applications will be made available online and OGP will communicate how the final cohort was selected at the conclusion of the process.

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