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Open Government Awards

Welcome to the 2021 Open Government Awards! As part of our 10th anniversary, OGP is celebrating the hard work of open government reformers worldwide to bring together governments and civil society to jointly improve the transparency, accountability, participatory nature, and impact of open government work.

We launched two award tracks – the OGP Impact Awards and the OGP Local Innovation Awards. The Impact Awards highlight commitments that have demonstrably improved people’s lives or the quality of democracy. The Innovation Awards put a spotlight on innovative commitments in OGP Local action plans.

Thank you to all who applied to the 2021 OGP Impact and Local Innovation Awards! This was a competitive process which generated 45 applications for the Impact Awards and 60 for the Local Innovation Awards. Over 8,000 members of the OGP community voted in the Impact Awards, and 11,000 in the Local Innovation Awards. We have now contacted the winners of the Awards to coordinate their participation in the 2021 OGP Summit. We are looking forward to sharing the full results of the Awards with the OGP community during the Summit, so stay tuned!



OGP Impact Awards

Voting is now closed, but you can still learn more about the commitment entries which demonstrate strong results and lasting change in the country or locality.



OGP Local Innovation Awards

Voting is closed, but you can still learn more about the innovative commitments that OGP Local members submitted.




OGP Impact Awards: This year, the OGP Support Unit asked the government point of contact (PoC) from OGP member countries and locals to consult with their multi-stakeholder forum and identify one commitment to be considered for the Impact Award. To facilitate this exercise, the Support Unit shared a list of commitments that were assessed by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) to either have a ‘Star’ or a ‘Major’ or ‘Outstanding’ effect on opening government. These are commitments that are included in action plans made from 2012 to 2018, and have shown promising early results. Countries and locals could nominate a commitment from this list, or choose an OGP commitment outside of the list, and make the case that the selected commitment went on to demonstrably improve people’s lives or the quality of democracy.

OGP Local Innovation Awards: All OGP Local members were invited to select up to two innovative commitments to submit for the ‘Spotlight Award’. We define innovations in open government as a service, platform, rule or system that is:

  • New – it has not been done before in the context,
  • Relevant – it addresses a current problem,
  • Feasible – it can be done within the context and resources, and
  • Creates value – to people and government.

Voting has now closed. Top winners in each region will be recognized at the OGP Global Summit in December.

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