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Brian Wampler
Dr. Brian Wampler is a Professor at Boise State University. Stephanie McNulty is an Associate professor at Franklin & Marshall College. Michael Touchton is an assistant professor at the University of Miami. All three have done extensive work on citizen participation and governance in the developing world.

Authored Content

Participatory Budgeting: Does Evidence Match Enthusiasm?

Participatory budgeting (PB) empowers citizens to allocate portions of public budgets in a way that best fits the needs of the people. In turn, proponents expect PB to improve citizens’ lives in important ways, by expanding their participation in politics,…

Participatory Budgeting: Spreading Across the Globe

Participatory budgeting’s (PB) roots lie in a radical democratic project led by the leftist Workers’ Party in Porto Alegre, Brazil in the late 1980s. Radical democracy includes incorporating ordinary citizens into government decision-making priorities, an inversion that led governments to…

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