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Portrait of Dietlind Lerner

Dietlind Lerner

Dietlind Lerner joined the Open Government Partnership in March 2015 as the Communications Director with the OGP Support Unit. Dietlind started her professional life as a journalist, covering national elections in France and Germany. She has made documentary films in the United States and in Europe, worked as a television field producer in Europe and Africa, and written on politics and social justice issues for a variety of international publications from the German daily die TAZ to American People Magazine. In 2007 Dietlind joined Greenpeace International, managing forest campaigns communications for Indonesia, the Congo Basin and the Amazon. She later became organizational communications manager, overseeing special projects including communications for the international executive director and construction of the new Rainbow Warrior ship. In 2011 Dietlind became communications director for the Financial Transparency Coalition, where she worked with media professionals on three continents to highlight the devastating impacts of illicit financial flows, and support campaigns for changes in both government and the private sector. Dietlind is delighted to join the OGP, as she believes the current movement for citizen engagement with government transparency and accountability has the potential to radically improve the lives of people around the world. Dietlind holds a BA in Art History and French Literature from Barnard College at Columbia University in New York. 

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