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Portrait of Elizabeth Moses

Elizabeth Moses

Elizabeth is an Environmental Democracy Specialist with WRI’s The Access Initiative, where she leads research on a variety of international and country-specific policy issues related to access to information, public participation, and access to justice. Elizabeth currently manages the Strengthening the Right to Information for People and the Environment (STRIPE) project, which focuses on research and advocacy to empower communities to use their rights to information and participation as an avenue for improving their environment and health while advancing the goals of clean air and clean water. She also created and leads The Access Initiative’s Gender Working Group, a global coalition seeking to understand how access rights can support the empowerment of women in natural resource decision‐making. Prior to WRI, she worked as an advocacy campaigner and policy analyst in the Pacific Northwest around industrial pollution and toxic chemical public health issues.

Authored Content

Troubled Water: How Countries Can Achieve their Water Commitments

Those of us who work at the intersection of water and open government know that the Open Government Partnership (OGP) provides an exciting opportunity to leverage transparency, participation, and accountability strategies to address Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) public service…

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Open Government Partnership