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Portrait of Emily Bonta

Emily Bonta

As the B Team’s Communications Associate, Emily brings a background in copywriting and social media strategy to help drive the organization’s digital advocacy and engagement efforts across its platforms and products. Prior to joining the B Team, Emily worked for Columbia Business School, where she helped develop and execute digital media strategies to support alumni engagement and fundraising for the school. While an undergraduate, she held several internships at nonprofits focused on development, corporate relations and strategic communications. These helped solidify her belief in the power of communications in creating lasting change. Emily earned her B.A. in communication and government & politics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Authored Content

The Business of Better Governance in 2018

Business is increasingly recognizing its role in building a sustainable and just future through promoting transparency and restoring trust. The past year brought a swell of business leaders taking a stand on several key issues, including protection of civic rights,…

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