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The Business of Better Governance in 2018

El Negocio de la Gobernanza en 2018

How is The B Team driving private sector action to build a more transparent world in 2018

Emily Bonta|

Business is increasingly recognizing its role in building a sustainable and just future through promoting transparency and restoring trust. The past year brought a swell of business leaders taking a stand on several key issues, including protection of civic rights, ending anonymous companies, and championing open contracting. The private sector is at a crucial turning point for action on building more open and equitable societies.

For The B Team, 2018 will focus on catalysing this momentum toward building better global governance; which its partnership with OGP is key toward achieving. While business may be more active on the issues impacting communities, partnerships with civil society will help accelerate the action needed toward creating a free world for all.

Since January, The B Team has brought business leaders together to advance two major issues: protection of civic rights and responsible tax practice. At this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, The B Team convened a dialogue of business and civil society leaders on the role of companies in protecting the rights of people around the world. At Davos, the consensus was clear: it’s time for business to step up on civic rights.

Throughout the year, The B Team will continue to build and share the business case for protection of civic rights at several key international moments and fora including OGP Ambassador Mo Ibrahim’s Annual Governance Weekend, the OGP Global Summit and the G20. With partners like OGP, The B Team will use this resource to mobilise and socialise private sector protection of civic rights.

The B Team’s partnership with OGP will also be critical toward its work throughout 2018 on advancing beneficial ownership transparency and private sector advocacy for open contracting. During 2018, The B Team is aiming for continued company ownership disclosure on OpenOwnership and adoption of public ownership registers in countries around the world. Emphasising the business case for disclosure is critical to enacting these policy changes, as seen with the EU’s recent decision to mandate disclosures.

With open contracting, this same focus on the business case will help The B Team advance its work to build fair global public procurement. Around key moments like the OGP Global Summit and G20, The B Team is working toward having more countries implement major infrastructure projects using open contracting. In partnership with OGP, The B Team will also help incorporate private sector action on open contracting into National Action Plans.

The B Team’s goals for 2018 are key to understanding that neither business nor civil society can build a more open and equitable alone. Partnerships are what will unlock the vision of a future that is accessible and free for all. Together, The B Team and OGP are ready to bring this vision to life.

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