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Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM)

The IRM is an independent body guided by but not directly accountable to, the Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership. An International Experts Panel (IEP) directly oversees the IRM.

The IRM produces reports that assess the design and implementation of the commitments adopted by OGP participating governments in their country action plans.

Learn more about the IRM here.

Authored Content


Three Factors to Effectively Implement Ambitious Open Procurement Reforms

Every year, governments across the world spend over USD $13 trillion (around 12% of global gross domestic product) through public procurement. Yet, various studies show that 10 to 25% of the value of a government contract can be lost to…

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2022 IRM Week

Explore content co-created with the wider IRM community that spotlights insights on country performance and thematic priorities to ensure strategic use of IRM findings.

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