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Minister Jeton Shaqiri 1

Jeton Shaqiri

Minister of Information Society and Administration, North Macedonia

Jeton Shaqiri has been the Minister of Information Society and Administration in North Macedonia since August 2020. Minister Shaqiri considers state and public administration the first contact point of citizens with the state, and therefore citizens must be offered a faster and streamlined manner to meet their daily needs and obligations. Only with teamwork, full digitalization of services and cooperation between institutions will we achieve transparent, efficient and modern administration that would serve each citizen and would treat each citizen equally, which, in turn, would also help attain European standards.

Authored Content

Minister Jeton Shaqiri 1

Faces of Open Government: Minister Jeton Shaqiri

Minister Shaqiri reflects on North Macedonia's OGP achievements from the past decade and previews ambitious reforms in their next action plan around anti-corruption, access to justice and public service delivery.

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