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Portrait of Juan Pablo Guerrero

Juan Pablo Guerrero

Juan Pablo Guerrero (@guerreroamparan) is the Network Director of the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, a multi-stakeholder action network working to advance global norms and improvements on fiscal transparency and participation. He was the Secretary General of the Federal Institute for Access to Information & Data Protection in Mexico (2013-14), where he previously was founding information commissioner between 2002-2009. He was the manager of the Mentoring Governments for Transparency Program at the International Budget Partnership (2009-13). Before 2003, he was a university professor at the Center for Research & Teaching in Economics in Mexico (1994-2003). He started his carrier as news reporter and correspondent in Washington & Paris, where he studied master and PhD programs in public policy.

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Authored Content

Fiscal Openness to End Poverty – Open Forum

There is an undeniable trend of reforms and innovations that include fiscal transparency, accountability and public participation as ways to achieve better governance results. Within this framework, both civil society and governments have been pushing for more fiscal openness commitments…