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Michael Peters

Michael Peters worked as a project lead for the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, where he coordinated the German Open Government Civil Society Network. His work focused on Freedom of Information and Beneficial Ownership. He holds a M.Sc. in Public Economics and recently started working for Finanzwende, a German NGO lobbying for systemic change in the financial sector.

Find Michael on Twitter at @miguelitoj89.

Authored Content


How Legislative Footprints and Lobby Registers Can Rebuild Trust

As global distrust in democracies grows, we believe intransparent legislative structures are a big factor. When lobbyists influence laws, it can create feelings of injustice and distrust within a society. Yet, lobbying, or the articulation of and advocacy for various interests, is essential for democracies. So, what does a fair and transparent lobbying system that enhances trust for political procedures look like?

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