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Portrait of Oleksiy Orlovsky

Oleksiy Orlovsky

Oleksiy Orlovsky is a lawyer, master of public administration, PhD in constitutional law. Oleksiy has been working at International Renaissance Foundation (Soros’s Foundation in Ukraine) since February, 2007 in the positions of Civil Society Impact Enhancement Program Director, Civil Society and Good Governance Program Director, Democratic practice Program Director. He has big experience as a lecturer of National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. He has been a member of public councils under different Ministries (he has been the Head of Public Council of Ministry of Justice). In 2012-2014 Oleksiy was a member of the Constitutional Assembly of Ukraine. He is a member of Ukrainian EITI Multi-Stockholders Group and EITI International Board.

Authored Content

Ukraine’s Most Recent Victory: Ensuring Transparency Of The Extractive Sector

Ukraine was not only among the first countries to join OGP in September of 2011 but also became one of the few countries that attempted to increase transparency of the extractive sector in its first OGP Action Plan due to…

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