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Portrait of Richard Pietro

Richard Pietro

Richard Pietro socializes Open Government & Open Data by creating Civic Engagement as Art through his company OGT Productions. Some of his projects include the 2014 Open Government Tour and “Open” – The World’s first short film on Open Government, Open Data, and Open Source.

He also worked collaboratively with the Ontario Ministry of Housing to develop a new way for creating, publishing, and activating Open Data sets (a process he calls “Open Data in Reverse”). This initiative even helped the government win a nationally recognized award for engagement.

Most recently his Open Data Iron Chef workshop has garnered attention due to its innovative way for introducing Open Government & Open Data to students at both the secondary and university levels.


Authored Content

Yes by Default

Whether it is a flat “no” or a “no with reasons,” governments typically have this knee jerk reaction whenever presented with new ideas. This mentality is what stifles progress and makes it extraordinarily frustrating for change-makers both inside and outside…

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