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Portrait of Sanjay Pradhan

Sanjay Pradhan

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Pradhan joined the Open Government Partnership in May 2016.

Sanjay serves as the CEO of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).  He leads a partnership of 76 countries and 106 local governments – together representing more than 2 billion people – along with thousands of civil society organizations, working together to make governments more transparent, participatory and responsive to citizens, and less corrupt. Sanjay leads OGP’s policy dialogue with Heads of States, ministers and civil society organizations, and serves as OGP’s global spokesperson. His latest public talk showcases how OGP renews democracy at a time of threat.

Sanjay earlier served as the World Bank’s Vice President for Leadership, Learning and Innovation and the Vice President of the World Bank Institute, and the Director for Governance. 

Mr. Pradhan is a global spokesperson and distinguished speaker on governance and anticorruption issues, appearing in major world forums including the TED Global Conference, the UN General Assembly, the European Parliament, the BBC World Debate, South by Southwest, London Anti-Corruption Summit, IACC, Virtual Leaders’ Summit at UNGA, and OGP Global Summits. He has published widely, and was a principal author of the 1997 World Development Report. He holds a Ph.D. and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. At the 2022 World Economic Forum Davos, Sanjay was awarded Social Innovator of the Year 2022 by The Schwab Foundation for being “a tireless champion of good governance and fighting corruption”. 

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