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Timo Lange Presse

Timo Lange

Campaigner and Researcher, LobbyControl

Timo Lange is a political scientist (diploma) and works as a campaigner and researcher for the German NGO LobbyControl in Berlin. In his work he focuses on issues of lobby transparency, conflict of interest and ethics regulation, and transparency in the political decision-making process.

Authored Content


How Legislative Footprints and Lobby Registers Can Rebuild Trust

As global distrust in democracies grows, we believe intransparent legislative structures are a big factor. When lobbyists influence laws, it can create feelings of injustice and distrust within a society. Yet, lobbying, or the articulation of and advocacy for various interests, is essential for democracies. So, what does a fair and transparent lobbying system that enhances trust for political procedures look like?

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