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Yamila García

Yamila García is CEO and Executive Director of Fundacion Conocimiento Abierto. Yamila leads projects of civic and digital innovation, open data and open government in Latin America.

Authored Content

Open governments: an opportunity for gender equity

Gender issues still have a long way ahead in all branches of government. We need to change the social and political agenda that, for centuries, has strengthened the male gender and oppressed the role of women. How can we achieve…

#MujeresOGP, Gobiernos Abiertos con más mujeres

A finales de octubre del 2015, la Cumbre Global de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto (Open Government Partnership) dio lugar al primer encuentro de mujeres que venimos trabajando, desde cada uno de nuestros países, en los diferentes ejes del…

#MujeresOGP: Bringing more women to the open government movement

In late October 2015, during the Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership, we participated in the first meeting of women from different countries of the world that work on different themes of open government, with the goal of strengthening…

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