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Whistleblower Protections


  1. Starred commitment Implementation of the Law on Whistle-Blower Protection and Raising the Awareness for Whistle-Blowing

    MK0095, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  2. Starred commitment Implementation of the Law "On Protection of Whistleblowers", Capacity Building, Amendments and Its Bylaws

    AL0052, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  3. Starred commitment Protect Against Conflicts of Interest

    FR0026, 2015, Conflicts of Interest

  4. Starred commitment Law on Whistleblowers Protection

    AL0042, 2014, Public Participation

  5. Starred commitment Encourage, Protect and Raise Awareness of Whistleblower Duties and Protections

    IE0015, 2014, Whistleblower Protections

  6. Starred commitment Adoption of Amendments to the Law on Prevention of Corruption in the Direction Of:

    MK0063, 2014, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  7. Starred commitment Accountability and Integrity

    LR0005, 2013, Conflicts of Interest

  8. Anonymous Whistleblower Portals for Justice System Employees

    DK0070, 2019, Justice

  9. Complaint Reception and Processing System

    UY0105, 2018, Public Participation

  10. Whistleblower Protection

    CI0018, 2018, Justice

  11. Local Anti-Corruption Measures

    CI0022, 2018, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  12. Creation of an Anonymous Complaints Mailbox

    MAD0006, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  13. Protection of Persons Reporting Corruption

    HR0031, 2018, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  14. Improved Anticorruption Policies

    ME0062, 2018, Fiscal Transparency

  15. Raising Awareness About Whistle-Blowers

    CZ0025, 2018, Capacity Building

  16. Anti-Corruption Framework

    TN0043, 2018, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  17. Capacity Building for Integrity in Government

    LR0032, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  18. Anti-Corruption Transparency

    GH0021, 2017, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  19. Awareness-Raising About Anti-Social Activities

    SK0119, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  20. Anti-Corruption Activity Coordination

    NG0009, 2017, Education

  21. Whistleblower Protections

    LV0033, 2017, Civic Space

  22. Supporting and Protecting Whistleblowers

    IT0040, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  23. Implementing the Civil Service Act

    CZ0016, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  24. Enhancing Preventive and Punitive Mechanisms in the Fight Against Corruption and Unethical Practices

    KE0011, 2016, Open Contracting and Procurement

  25. Whiste-Blower Protections

    AU0001, 2016, Private Sector

  26. National Integrity Framework

    AU0012, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  27. Strengthening Whistleblower Protection

    US0081, 2015, Capacity Building

  28. Draft Law on Protecting Whistleblowers

    LV0025, 2015, Whistleblower Protections

  29. Right to Access Information Legislative Framework

    HR0010, 2014, Right to Information

  30. Adoption of the New Act on Civil Service

    CZ0007, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  31. Implementing Legislation for the New Act on Civil Service

    CZ0008, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  32. Strengthening Legal Framework for Corruption Fight

    TN0001, 2014, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  33. Whistleblower Protection Trainings and Campaigns

    RS0006, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  34. Whistleblowing

    UK0052, 2013, Legislation & Regulation

  35. Support for the Passage of Legislations on Access to Information and Protection of Whistleblowers

    PH0021, 2013, Public Participation

  36. Whistleblowing

    NO0023, 2013, Whistleblower Protections

  37. Integrity Control System in the Public Sector

    HU0004, 2013, Conflicts of Interest

  38. Strengthen and Expand Whistleblower Protections for Government Personnel

    US0035, 2013, Legislation & Regulation

  39. Whistleblowers Protection Act

    SK0021, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  40. Protection of Persons Reporting Corruption

    ME0037, 2012, Civic Space

  41. Whistleblower Protection

    LV0012, 2012, Whistleblower Protections

  42. Advocate for Legislation on Whistleblower Protection

    US0017, 2011, Legislation & Regulation

  43. Explore Executive Authority to Protect Whistleblowers

    US0018, 2011, Legislation & Regulation

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