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As of September 15, 2020, please see Rapid Response Protocol for current guidelines.

The objective of the Rapid Response (RR) is to communicate in the position of the OGP Steering Committee regarding situations that emerge in OGP countries that require a swift response from OGP, but would not be suitably addressed by ongoing support or existing response mechanisms. A Rapid Response Request may be submitted when the following applies:

  1. There is a serious allegation of the violation of OGP core values by an OGP participant. This allegation is of an acute nature (involving the exposure of the violation, the passage of a rule or regulation, or a specific action that has an immediate impact in the country or local jurisdiction in question) in combination with the following:
  2. A swift response on behalf of OGP could have a material impact on the situation in question or lack thereof might place the credibility of the Partnership at risk, and/or
  3. Given its nature and urgency, the concern cannot or will not be addressed in the near term by the IRM, Procedural Review or Response Policy.

Submitting a Rapid Response Request

Rapid Response requests should be submitted to the OGP Support Unit for initial review via For information on the specific content to include in a Rapid Response Request, please refer to Section III of the Rapid Response Mechanism document.

A Rapid Response Request can be submitted by the following persons or entities:

  1. An OGP Steering Committee member – government or civil society.
  2. A Multilateral Partner.
  3. Any entity (other than an individual acting on his or her own behalf) which is, or has been, involved in OGP at the national or international level and in the country or local jurisdiction that is the subject of the concern.

Access the Rapid Response Mechanism document here.

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