In February and March 2016, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the progress reports for those countries who began implementing action plans in 2014. These reports cover the development and first year of implementation of the action plan of each country.

In Bulgaria, the IRM researcher Stephan Anguelov, summarized his findings:

The second Bulgarian action plan was part of a more inclusive design process in collaboration with civil society. Much of the action plan is focused on measures for increasing access to information and civic participation but often lacks specificity. Moving forward, the government should consider further involving Parliament and including local-level commitments in the action plan.

And, in Bulgarian:

Вторият план за действие бе създаден чрез по-силно сътрудничество с гражданското общество. Много от мерките в плана целяха подобряване на достъпа до информация и гражданското участие, но често липсваха яснота и точност. Вбъдеще правителството трябва да обмисли допълнително ангажиране на парламента и включване на ангажименти от местно ниво в плана. 

The final report is available below in English and in a publication version in Bulgarian. A public comment period was open in March 2016 but no comments were received.