31 October 2013

New Zealand and the OGP: A Civil Society View

Transparency International New Zealand (link is external) very much welcomes the announcement this week that New Zealand has now officially joined the OGP. We see OGP membership as an important opportunity for the government to introduce new initiatives to strengthen transparency, public participation and accountability. While New Zealand scores highly on a range of international governance and transparency indicators, nevertheless there are a significant number of areas that need strengthening. 

30 October 2013

64% of CSOs ‘more positive’ about OGP’s potential to deliver change

The OGP Summit 2013 kicks of with the Civil Society Day. We asked the civil society community what they think of OGP today. Two key numbers to start with: 64% of the respondents are more positive today than 12 months ago about the potential of OGP to deliver change; 59% says that the process of developing the 1st Action Plan helped increase the trust and cooperation between civil society and government. Those are numbers to be proud of.


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