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Civil Society Candidates – 2017

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 OGP Steering Committee selection process. We are delighted to share the list of nominations we have received for the two civil society seats on the OGP Steering Committee. We have received a total of 29 nominations representing a highly competitive and accomplished list of civil society leaders representing different countries and thematic interests.

We had an open call for endorsements for all the nominees for a two week period that closed on March 22. We received over 400 endorsements across all candidates. Below, we have published a list of all endorsements we received on

Following that, members of the selection committee – Undral Gombodorj (Mongolia), Laura Neuman (US), Mukelani Dimba (OGP Steering Committee), Aidan Eyakuze (OGP Steering Committee) and Paul Maassen (OGP Support Unit) – arrived at a shortlist using the submitted paperwork to individually rank each of the candidates (more detail on the selection process in the Steering Committee Selection tab ). The names and scores of the 10 shortlisted candidates are published on the shortlist tab. Please see below for scores of all other candidates on the long list and an explanatory note on the scoring process. The scoring process is also outlined in the shortlist tab. Please note, the scoring process was done solely based on the documents provided with the nominations and the match against criteria set to respond to the current needs of the OGP Steering Committee. 

For more information on the rotation process and the role of the Steering Committee, please refer to the Steering Committee Selection tab.

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Name Country Resident in (if different from previous column) Organization Nomination Docs Nominated by Other material Score in the shortlisting round
Aida Gamboa Balbin Peru DAR, Peru Cover Letter | Endorsements DAR (Peru) Video on open gov and civil society 27
Aisha Khan Pakistan Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO) / Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) Cover Letter Safyan Kakakhel, Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization Article on climate change 29
Ana Luiza Aranha Brazil Canada University of British Columbia, Canada Cover Letter Article on anti-corruption 21
Angelita Gregorio-Medel Philippines Oxfam/ Social Protection Performance Feedback and Community ScoreCard Project InCiteGov Endorsements Ramona Jimenez, Commission on Audit, Philippines (Nomination Letter) Article on citizen engagement  See shortlist tab
Ania Calderon Mexico Open Data Charter Cover Letter | Endorsements Opening speech at IODC 43
Chakshu Roy India PRS Legislative Research Cover Letter | Endorsements Article on opening up parliamentary committees 23
Czarina Medina-Guce Philippines Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Cover Letter | Endorsements Self Blog post on the OGP website See shortlist tab
Damaris O. Kiewiets South Africa CEU UWC Cover Letter | Endorsements See shortlist tab
Don Lenihan Canada Canada 2020 Endorsements Tom Pitfield, Canada 2020 (Nomination Letter) Recent co-authored article on Open Government 42
Fayyaz Yaseen Pakistan Accountability Lab Endorsements Blair Glencorse, Accountability Lab (Nomination Letter) Blog post on the OGP website on OGP in Pakistan, Post on the World Economic Forum website on anti-corruption efforts in Pakistan 33
George Cheriyan India CUTS international Cover Letter | Endorsements Article on the changing face of governance 44
Giorgi Kldiashvili Georgia Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) Endorsements Niels Scott, UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia (Nomination Letter) Blog post about OGP in Georgia See shortlist tab
Israyil Isgandarov Azerbaijan “Umid” Support to Social Development Public Union Cover Letter | Endorsements Self 38
Jarius Andrew Greaves Liberia Youth Network for Reform (YONER-LIBERIA) Cover Letter Self Brief Background on Youth Network for Reform 31
Jean-Pierre Alumba Lukamba DRC South Africa African Diaspora Forum Endorsements Self Misc application material 29
Joseba Gotzon Bernaola Ariño Spain Innobasque-Basque Agency for Innovation Endorsements Self Misc application material 38
Juan Manuel Gómez Roa Spain Asociación Transparencia Pública/ Dyntra Endorsements Erwin de Grave, Dyntra (Nomination Letter) article on open gov 37
Ken Coghill Australia Monash University Cover Letter | Endorsements Academic article on Ethics in Public Policy 43
Laila Chiadmi Garcia Morocco Spain Asociación de Investigadores Extranjeros Ainvex Self Misc application material 20
Mina Ogbanga Nigeria Institute for Partnership and Development studies Endorsements Porokie Kuna, CEDSI Nigeria (Nomination Letter) 32
Natalie Christine “Ching” Jorge Philippines INCITEGov Endorsements Patrick Lim, Philippine-OGP Steering Committee (Nomination Letter) Article on OGPArticle on Transformative communication See shortlist tab
Neil William Forsyth Australia Neil Forsyth Electrical & Refrigeration CV Self Misc application material 8
Pablo Collada Mexico Chile Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente Cover Letter | Endorsements Fabrizio Scrollini, DATA Uruguay (Nomination Letter) See shortlist tab
Tahmina Rahman Bangladesh Article 19 Endorsements David Banisar, Article 19 (Nomination Letter) Scoping study on Open Contracting in Bangladesh See shortlist tab
Tamara Puhovski Croatia Terra Hub Cover Letter Sandra Vlašic, Terra Hub (Nomination Letter) Happy Birthday OGP message See shortlist tab
Tristán Mariano Alvarez Argentina Alvarez-Abogados Law Firm Cover Letter Writing sample 33
Tur-Od Lkhagvajav Mongolia TI-Mongolia Cover Letter Anselmo Lee, ADN See shortlist tab
Venkatesh Nayak India CHRI CV Mukelani Dimba, ODAC (Nomination Letter) See shortlist tab
Yannick Le Guern France B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies and Paragon Communication Cover Letter | Endorsements Laura Petrache, B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies and Paragon Communication (Nomination Letter) 31

This initial assessment resulted in individual candidate’ scores of up to a maximum of 75 points (3 criteria, 5 points max per criterion, 5 members of the selection committee). All successful candidates scored between 46 and 62 points on the three criteria combined (and non selected candidate scores ranged from 8 to 44).

The criteria broken down ​for initial shortlisting:​


1 point if leadership is mostly limited to leading an organization and/or leadership experience is roughly 3 years.

3 points if candidate has been able to represent his issue beyond his/her organization, played a leadership role nationally (for example on boards) and/or leadership experience is roughly 5 years.

5 points if candidate has experience in leading across issues/organisations, played a leadership role internationally (for example in coalitions or boards) and/or leadership experience is roughly 7 years. Candidate has a diversity of leadership experiences (different issues, different settings).

Working across stakeholders

1 point if candidate has experience in playing different roles in his/her career but mostly within civil society in his/her country.

3 points if candidate has experience in playing different roles in his/her career in different sectors (e.g. government, private sector) or cultures.

5 points if candidate is widely experienced in multi-stakeholder initiatives or negotiating across stakeholders.

Ability to read and represent the interests of civil society

1 point if candidate is hardly rooted in and connected with civil society in his own country, and/or has experience in only one sector, and/or is not involved in the OGP process nationally

3 points if the candidate has broader, more in-depth experience across civil society (e.g. knowledge and networks on more issues), and/or has been actively involved in OGP.

5 points if the candidate is very well connected across civil society and issues, also outside his/her country, has the ability to look beyond his/her own issue, country or region, can serve as a listening post and/or has been a leader in the OGP community.

The resulting list was used as a basis for a more in depth discussion on all candidates individually as the scores are only part of the equation. In that discussion we also looked at other crucial factors including diversity across open government issues, regions, and gender. Lastly, we brought into the conversation the endorsements and other intelligence from the community received on the candidates.

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