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Implementation of OGP Commitments

The OGP Trust Fund will provide government and civil society stakeholders at the country or local level with financial resources and technical assistance for commitments in their OGP Action Plans. This is central in providing increased support to the implementation of strategic reforms on deepening citizen-centered governance as reflected in the OGP commitments. Support for implementing commitments could include (but is not limited to) financing for programs on information transparency, citizen engagement, and mechanisms for a more responsive government that will be implemented during or exceeding the two-year span of an OGP Action Plan. Grants will be given to those able to demonstrate potential for high impact on the domestic reform agenda, OGP actors’ capacities, or for broadening the collective ownership of OGP goals and the need for supplemental funding from the OGP Trust Fund. Grant recipients must come from a country or local with a multi-stakeholder forum that discussed and prioritized the Action Plan through an inclusive and effective engagement of civil society during the co-creation process. Countries and locals must also be in good standing in the OGP—in other words, not under open review by the OGP Criteria and Standards Subcommittee. A complete selection criteria will be shared upon the launch of the Call for Proposals for this program.

Amount and Duration

The Trust Fund will support activities implemented by the government and/ or civil society for a total of US$500,000 over two years.

The Trust Fund plans to open a Call for Proposals to support Implementation of Commitments in OGP Action Plans in August 2018.

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