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Research about OGP


Five key reflections from the latest IRM Results Reports

The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) recently published 23 Results Reports for 2019-2022 and 2020-2022 OGP action plans. These assessed 265 commitments from Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. 149 commitments led to early…

Working Paper: Multilateralism, Models, Membership, and Messiness

Is OGP More Successful at Getting Change Than Other International Initiatives?   By Chathan Raj with Joseph Foti How do multilateral initiatives compare in terms of generating reform? How does the Open Government Partnership (OGP) compare? And should it be…

Celebrating 10 Years of Progress: The OGP Timeline

This is a collection of moments of impact to the community and organization. In the spirit of the Partnership, this is the starting point of co-creation. OGP invites its many partners - including you - to reflect on its growth…


A Decade of Impact – OGP 2021 Annual Report

Read OGP's 2021 Annual Report for a highlights from the year, including reflections on the progress the Partnership has made in its first decade and an ambitious agenda for its next.


Independent Evaluation of OGP

In 2019, OGP funders commissioned Oxford Policy Management (OPM) to undertake an independent evaluation of the OGP’s core institutions, and the efforts of the OGP Support Unit (SU) in particular. The evaluation was supported by the British Department for International…

Decade Report_cover

OGP at Ten: Toward Democratic Renewal

When eight governments and nine civil society leaders launched OGP in 2011, no one expected it to reach its current size and scope. Over the last ten years, however, OGP has grown in ways that have exceeded expectations.

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