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2024 Civil Society Steering Committee Candidate Video

Laura Neuman

View Laura Neuman’s application materials for the OGP Civil Society Steering Committee here.

For this video, candidates were asked to respond to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to be on the Steering Committee, and what would your priorities be?
  • How will your participation in the Steering Committee be useful in strengthening open government in your region? OR
  • What can the 2023-2028 OGP strategy do to advance the open government agenda and drive impact? How would you plan to advance the strategy as a Steering Committee member?

Once you’ve watched the video, leave a question or comment below! Candidates will respond directly. For more information about the CS SC selection process, see this page.

Comments (7)

Marisa Miodosky Reply

As someone who worked for a local government on gender equality, I am acutely aware of the pivotal role that the Open Government Partnership (OGP) plays in shaping policies that advance women’s rights, particularly in times marked by regressive trends. The OGP’s support is indispensable in fostering meaningful change, and it is with this understanding that I extend my unwavering endorsement for Laura’s candidacy to the Steering Committee.
Laura’s extensive and distinguished career reflects a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding local governance and its intersection with global challenges. Her invaluable expertise encompasses both the potential and limitations inherent in local government strategies, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity.
What sets Laura apart is her strategic acumen, which stems from her comprehensive grasp of the international landscape and the nuanced dynamics at play within national and local governments. Her astute insights are poised to guide the OGP towards navigating intricate scenarios with meticulous consideration, thereby charting a course towards a more democratic and inclusive world.
Without a doubt, Laura’s incorporation into the Steering Committee would signify a significant milestone in our collective journey towards fostering democratic ideals and safeguarding the rights of all individuals. Her discerning leadership and unwavering dedication make her an exemplary candidate to steer the OGP towards realizing its transformative potential.
I wholeheartedly endorse Laura’s candidacy and am confident that her presence on the board will be instrumental in steering us towards a future characterized by greater equity, justice, and inclusion.

Mukelani Dimba Reply

I’m so thrilled to see Laura make herself available for a leadership role in the OGP.
You, Laura, have been a great inspiration to lots of us that have been working in the access to information and open government space globally. You have been a visionary and pioneer in the global campaign on access to information and I have no doubt that you be make a stellar contribution in helping the OGP chart a new path forward with its new strategy which requires strong strategic and thematic leadership.
I fully support your candidacy for the Steering Committee.

Suzanne J Piotrowski Reply

It is wonderful that Laura is willing to serve. I have worked with Laura in varying capacities for over 15 years and have always been impressed with her leadership in this space. After watching her video, I am reminded of why this is. She highlights very important issues to the open government community. I agree with her three main priorities–revitalizing ATI work, continuing to amplify the role of gender in OG, and expanding upon the good work being done at the subnational level. Laura has a strong track record of bringing people together and I know she would make an excellent member of the OGP Steering Committee.

Marcos Mendiburu Reply

I fully endorse Laura’s candidacy for the Civil Society Steering Committee. Having collaborated closely with Laura in the past, including within the OGP working group on Access to Information (ATI) (and the face-to-face meeting of the ATI working group members at the OGP summit in Mexico City), I can attest to her exceptional dedication and experience in working with multiple stakeholders around transparency issues.
Beyond her subject matter expertise, Laura’s strategic vision and extensive experience collaborating with civil society, governments, and international cooperation agencies make her an invaluable asset to the Civil Society Steering Committee. Her focus on inclusion and commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue and cooperation align perfectly with the objectives of the OGP SC.
I am confident that she will serve with distinction and contribute significantly to the advancement of the OGP Steering Committee work.

Mark Robinson Reply

I fully endorse Laura’s interest in being considered for membership of OGP’s Steering Committee. She brings many years of experience in leading work on gender and right to information while serving as a keep proponent of open government and transparency initiatives. Laura is grounded in real world actions and would bring naunced perspectives to the work of the OGP. I have no hesitation in recommending her for this role.

Jennifer Lewis Reply

As someone who has been deeply involved in supporting OGP over the past 8 years, I fully and whole heartedly endorse Laura for this role. Her vision and leadership in championing open government and right to information as critical vehicles for empowering women, girls, and others is inspiring. She will bring a depth of expertise, empathy, and understanding that will enrich the role of the Steering Committee.

Paige Alexander Reply

As the CEO of The Carter Center, I can say without reservation that we are fully committed and supportive for Laura’s engagement as a member of the OGP Civil Society Steering Committee. Laura has spent over 20 years here dedicated to the advocacy of a role like this would need. She has honed her technical skills, been a leader globally in civil society networks and appreciates the regional nature of how these networks differ and require differing partnership to move the needle. As our senior advisor, she is in the perfect position to now dedicate the time and effort I know she would want to give to this steering committee. I believe the group would benefit enormously from her sound judgement on all the major issues which come in front of you.

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