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End of Commitment Report – Propose a simplified process for the micro procurement of information resources (IR)


Name of Evaluator

Open Government Committee


Member Name

Québec, Canada

Action Plan Title

Action plan – Québec, Canada, 2021 – 2023


Propose a simplified process for the micro procurement of information resources (IR)


“The SCT, in collaboration with Infrastructures Technologiques Québec (ITQ), will offer a simplified process for the micro procurement of information resources through the government’s “Échanges entre concepteurs” [developer to developer] platform. This platform will help public bodies issue public tenders using a simplified process when selecting a service provider to develop a code or business solution, including open source software, with total expenditures below $90,000”.


“The public tendering process is an appropriate tool when addressing large-scale requirements that are often characterized by long-term contractual commitments. The introduction of a streamlined public tendering process will address small-scale requirements that are quick to achieve. For developers, including start-ups, along with small and medium-sized enterprises, this commitment will facilitate participation in public tenders and increase their opportunities to do business with the government. For public bodies, this commitment will help them accelerate and share developments for reuse by other public bodies”.

Section 1.
Commitment completion

1.1 What was the overall level of progress in the commitment implementation at the time of this assessment?

Not started

Provide a brief explanation of your answer:

Two milestones were established for this commitment, but these had to be put on hold.
The first was to set up a discussion platform for developers and designers. A solution was targeted for analysis, but work remained at this stage due to staff shortages and the prioritization of available resources on other priority projects for the organization.
The second milestone was to make regulatory changes to simplify the public tendering process. Reflection has begun, and the regulatory changes can be made once the commitment is prioritized.

1.2 Describe the main external or internal factors that impacted implementation of this commitment and how they were addressed (or not).

Due to staff shortages, we were forced to put this commitment on hold. Resources have been redirected to other priority projects for the organization.

1.3 Was the commitment implemented as originally planned?

Few of the commitment milestones were implemented as planned.

Provide a brief explanation of your answer:

The commitment has not been fulfilled.

Section 2.
Did it open government?

2.1.1. – Did the government disclose more information; improve the quality of the information (new or existing); improve the value of the information; improve the channels to disclose or request information or improve accessibility to information?

Not Applicable

2.1.2. – Did the government create new opportunities to seek feedback from citizens/enable participation inform or influence decisions; improve existing channels or spaces to seek feedback from citizens/enable participation/ inform or influence decisions; create or improve capabilities in the government or the public aimed to improve how the government seeks feedback from citizens/enables participation/ or allows for the public to inform or influence decisions?

Not Applicable

2.1.3 Did the government create or improve channels, opportunities or capabilities to hold officials answerable to their actions?

Not Applicable

2.1.4 Other Results

Not Applicable

2.2 Did the commitment address the public policy problem that it intended to address as described in the action plan?


Section 3.
Lessons from

3. Provide at least one lesson or reflection relating to the implementation of this commitment. It can be the identification of key barriers to implementation, an unexpected help/hindrance, recommendations for future commitments, or if the commitment should be taken forward to the next action plan.

Staff shortages and the volatility of resources pose major challenges for action planning and implementation.

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