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IRM Reports and Analysis

ARCHIVAL – For Historical Reference

Updated 19 August 2020


The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) is a key means by which all stakeholders can track OGP progress in participating countries. The IRM produces independent Design and Implementation Reports for each country participating in OGP. These reports assess governments on the development and implementation of OGP action plans, progress in fulfilling open government principles, and make technical recommendations for improvements. They are intended to stimulate dialogue and promote accountability between member governments and citizens. In addition to publishing reports, the IRM also releases all of its data in open data format. For more information see the OGP Explorer and IRM Data.


  • To find out more about where OGP countries are (and are not) making progress on improving action plan development and implementation, read “Beyond the Basics” , the second major IRM technical paper, reviewing action plans from 2012-2015.
  • Read the First IRM Technical Paper for a synthesis of the first 43 IRM reports: “OGP by the Numbers: What the IRM Data Tells Us About OGP Results”. The executive summary is available here , and the full technical paper is available here.
  • Read the IRM Open Data Paper for an analysis of OGP country commitments within the larger context of open data and government reforms: ” Aligning Supply and Demand for Better Governance: Open Data in the Open Government Partnership. ” The full paper is available here .
  • For further analysis on civic participation, read ” Civic Participation in Latin American OGP Commitments “. Download the PDF here in English (o aquí en español ).


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