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Luxembourg Design Report 2019-2021 – For Public Comment

In 2020, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the Design Report for Luxembourg’s first action plan (2019-2021). The report covers the development of the action plan and the design of its commitments.

In Luxembourg, the IRM researcher Soledad Gattoni’s findings are summarized below:

“Luxembourg’s first action plan includes commitments on improving the transparency and openness of public administration, open data, and activities related to climate change. While most commitments reflect existing initiatives, several civil society proposals are included. Moving forward, Luxembourg could establish a formal multistakeholder forum to oversee the co-creation of the next action plan. Luxembourg could also consider commitments to strengthen whistleblower protection and enforce access to information legislation.”

And in French:

“Le premier plan d’action du Luxembourg comprend des engagements sur l’amélioration de la transparence et de l’ouverture de l’administration publique, la transparence des données et les activités liées au changement climatique. Si la plupart des engagements reflètent des initiatives existantes, plusieurs propositions de la société civile y sont incluses. À l’avenir, le Luxembourg pourrait mettre en place un forum multipartite officiel pour superviser la co-création du prochain plan d’action. Le Luxembourg pourrait également envisager d’inclure des engagements visant à renforcer la protection des dénonciateurs et l’application de la législation sur l’accès à l’information.”

The version of the report for public comment is available in English and in French below. The two-week public comment period closed 8 December 2020.


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