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Luxembourg – Letter of Withdrawal From OGP (December 2022)


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Andisile Best Reply

This is such a shame for a government that claims to support transformative transparency reforms to pull back like this.
Could there not have been some intervention to provide more support to Luxembourg to get whatever internal processes in order?
My further worry is that when you look at the reality of delivery on the ground – as reported, only one commitment seems to have been implemented and this should be enough of a lesson for them. Of those, two of the commitments have a direct interface with the civil society’s proposals of which none was achieved. With the very low consultation levels they have achieved, it should also be a lesson for them to change how they do things.
Lastly, from the shift of the function from the previous Ministry to the State, one needs to assess whether there was a proper shifting of the entire function with all its resources and even whether any proper handover was done between the ministries. I believe that such would have had a greater impact.

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