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Philippines 2017-2019 Action Plan (Updated)

The development of the PH-OGP National Action Plan 2017-2019 strived to focus on crafting commitments that would make a direct positive impact on the lives of regular citizens. After a nine-month planning and consultations process that was jointly led by government and civil society, we have crafted an action plan that contains 12 commitments that will be implemented by national and local government agencies and civil society organizations. Seven (7) of these commitments are new, while five (5) are continuing commitments from the 3rd Action Plan. One unique feature of the new plan is also the inclusion of subnational commitments by local government.

This Action Plan will also be launched as part of the ASEAN Roundtable Discussion on Open Government on August 15, 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center.


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Jonathan Lanuza Reply

Good and allied

Arturo Flores Reply

Good morning Iwould like to report as Filipino consumer. The rise of food and other commodities prices such as construction materials, which the business sectors take advantage of the situation. The consumers are very much affected.
Thank you

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