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Sri Lanka Action Plan 2019-2021


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P N Malcolm S Silva Reply

Any Party to implement below?
It is worthy, to go through the link:
It is humiliated, and worthy all the political parties, who ruined the country for past several decades, to go through the link:
( for download) for the presentation of plan of work / Manifesto by the major political parties , who are appearing for the upcoming nominations / presidential elections.
I understand that the draft document is valuable text, so that additional facts in relation to
1. National Security
2. National Economy
3. Foreign Policy
4. Law and Order / Democracy
5. All major other functional areas, ( Large numbers of Ladies & Mothers in the Middle East , so many Males, driving 3 wheelers) shall be incorporated to present meaningful text for the people before the Presidential Elections. It is regrettable to note that for the last so many decades, existing unskilled , corrupted political parties, who were in power has terrorized people and citizens of Sri Lanka.

Dinesha Chamali Perera Reply

I need this for research

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