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Application for Support to Implement Commitments in the 2022-2024 Armenia OGP Action Plan

Funded by the Open Government Partnership EU for Integrity Programme

Credit: Ani Harutyunyan

Deadline for Submission: Oct 31, 2023


In late 2020, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) partnered with the European Commission and the OECD Anti-Corruption Network (ACN) on the EU for Integrity Programme, a multi-year initiative focused on providing assistance to the EaP countries in preventing and combating threats to the rule of law, supporting justice sector reforms, improving integrity in the delivery of public services, public administration reform.

The Open Government Partnership Support Unit (OGP SU) aims to support government and civil society in member countries, including in the Eastern Partnership region, to strengthen co-creation and implementation of nationally or locally-led commitments with potentially high impact that can lead to increasing government transparency, improving accountability, strengthening citizen engagement and government responsiveness.

Through OGP Action Plans, national and local governments in consultation with civil society make commitments to implement open government reforms. They include, for example, improving public service delivery; strengthening accountability by institutionalising open government approaches; enhancing citizen engagement through feedback mechanisms; and administrative simplification to access to information to expand citizens’ trust in government. Assessments by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM), the accountability arm of OGP, show that roughly 20% of commitments are completed. Completion levels are for ‘potentially transformative’ commitments – commitments which could change the status quo and culture of government towards greater openness, responsiveness and more public engagement and scrutiny. The implementation of these commitments is often hindered by a combination of collective action problems and policy capture, lack of funding and technical capacity. It is in this context that the OGP, with the support of the European Union, seeks to support the successful implementation of open governance reforms in Armenia in the framework of the 2022-2024 Action Plan.

The call is announced as part of the EU for Integrity Programme for the Eastern Partnership, funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the Open Government Partnership and the OECD Anti-Corruption Network.

Selection Criteria

Suggested activities, as described in the Expressions of Interest, are assessed based on the following selection criteria:

  • An ambitious commitment: The proposed activities relate to an open government commitment in the latest Armenian OGP Action Plan that would represent (i) a major step forward in the relevant policy area and could potentially transform ‘business as usual’ in that area and (ii) faces clear economic, technical and/or financial challenges in implementation. As an indication for promising commitments, please see the latest action plan review by OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM).
  • Favourable authorising environment: There should be a sufficient and clear political commitment from country leadership and implementing government agencies.
  • Demonstrate a need for supplemental funding from OGP:
    • The suggested activities do not overlap with existing activities, and available resources.
    • The suggested activities can further complement or leverage existing measures, and available resources from the state budget and/or from other donors.
    • There is a commitment of co-funding or support from the government, if applicable.
  • A clear alignment of the open government reform with the country’s development agenda.
  • A clear alignment with the OGP values and principles (as expressed in the Open Government Declaration and in the Articles of Governance) and the OGP’s Draft Strategy 2023-2028.
  • Inclusion: The proposed activities demonstrate how it will promote gender equality, inclusion and enhance participation by marginalised groups, women’s organisations and organisations representing vulnerable communities local/grassroots actors.

Who Can Apply

  • This call for Expressions of Interest is open to registered civil society organisations, or consortia between registered civil society organisations and implementing governmental bodies and agencies from Armenia.
  • Applicants should be willing to work closely with the OGP Support Unit, the country’s OGP Multi-Stakeholder Group and the official Point of Contact. Applicants will also ideally engage with the EU delegation in the country for relevant activities.
  • Applicants should be willing to document and share in conventional and social media their approaches, methodologies and outputs, and participate in OGP-organised peer exchange and learning events.

What the Award Includes

  • Up to two grants in the amount of maximum 50,000 EUR each for the duration of maximum nine (9) months of project implementation period. Projects are to be completed by July 30, 2024. Note that funds will be disbursed through a cost-reimbursable scheme, based on narrative and financial reports. Selected recipients will be asked to provide a roadmap of activities and a detailed budget at the contracting stage, and a final narrative and financial report.
  • Access to technical support from the OGP Support Unit and relevant partners.

Note, the award funds can be used for:

  • purchase, rental or leasing costs for equipment and supplies (provided that ownership is transferred at the end of the action when required);
  • goods and contractual services for specialised tasks (translations, production of documents, external consultants time, accountancy, etc.);
  • activities, including local travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, etc.;
  • cost of staff assigned to the action;
  • admin costs directly assigned to the action (supplies, rental of meeting rooms, etc.);
  • general admin costs (overhead costs) up to 7% of the total eligible direct costs for the action (maintenance, utility bills, office furniture, etc.).

These funds cannot be used for:

  • costs that are not associated with the purpose of the contract;
  • costs incurred outside of the project implementation period (with the exception of costs related to final reports and audit certificates);
  • costs already covered by another donor;
  • personal expenses, such as clothing and toiletries;
  • flight upgrades to first class;
  • alcohol;
  • currency exchange losses;
  • debts and debt service charges (interest);
  • provisions for losses or potential future liabilities;
  • purchases of land or buildings, except where necessary for the direct implementation of the action;
  • credits to third parties, unless otherwise specified in the special conditions;
  • salary costs of the personnel of national administrations, unless otherwise specified in the special conditions and only to the extent that they relate to the cost of activities which the relevant public authority would not carry out if the action were not undertaken;
  • in kind contributions (except for volunteers’ work);
  • performance-based bonuses included in costs of staff;
  • deductible VAT.

Application Process

Completed applications should be emailed to until October 31, 2023. Please add ‘EOI – Armenia AP Implementation’ to the subject of your email. Decisions will be communicated by the end of November 2023.

Application Form

Your contact details

Name of organisation

Contact person

Email address

Telephone number

    1. Activity Description [500 words]

OGP will provide technical and financial assistance to activities in support of the 2022-2024 Armenia OGP Action Plan that are: (a) potentially high impact or transformative; and (b) are facing economic, technical and financial challenges related to implementation.

      • Which commitment(s) in the 2022-2024 Armenia Action Plan are you requesting support for?
      • How does this particular commitment(s) link to the country or local’s development agenda?
      • What progress has been made so far in the commitment(s)? What economic, technical and financial challenges in implementation are the commitment(s) facing that could be addressed with OGP support?
      • Please detail the proposed activities and explain how they will aid in advancing the commitment or resolving the implementation challenges. Please extend on the project deliverables, the role of the applicant(s), as well as the government and how exactly the activities will contribute to the successful implementation of the commitment(s)
      • What are the expected impacts and outcomes if the commitment(s) is successfully implemented?
      • How would the OGP support help you go further beyond business as usual?
    1. Inclusion and Gender Equality [100 words]

OGP is committed to promoting enhancing participation and inclusion of marginalised groups, women’s organizations and organizations representing vulnerable communities local/grassroots actors.

      • How will the proposed activities related to the selected commitment foster greater participation, inclusion and gender equality?
    1. Rationale for OGP Support [100 words]

OGP will provide supplemental funding, or co-financing, to activities related to commitments included in the 2022-2024 Armenia Action Plan. As such, it is not the sole source of funding for any particular commitment(s) or for the Action Plan.

    • Describe what resources are available through the state budget and support from other development partners to support the implementation of the commitment(s) thus far. Please also detail any planned measures for implementation (with any possible deviations from the implementation plans included in the Action Plan) and how this project aids or complements those measures. Why are additional resources necessary?
    • What would be the value added of OGP support?
    • A letter signed by a high-level official of the agency implementing the reform (if different from the OGP host agency) stating their commitment to carry out the project activities.
    • A letter from the OGP Coordinator/Point of Contact in the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia stating their commitment to support the project implementation.
    • A letter from the OGP Multi-stakeholder Group supporting the submission of the Application.
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