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Webinar: OGP Local Strategy Design Phase

In May 2019 at the OGP Global Summit in Canada the OGP Steering Committee endorsed a strategy for the OGP Local program with three key pillars. 

  • Supporting strategic national-local integration to support effective national government and civil society strategies to foster local open government through national initiatives, including the OGP national action plan processes. 
  • Enhancing the OGP Local program by redesigning the current program to be more flexible, scalable and inclusive
  • Developing a collaborative platform for learning that provides easy access to knowledge resources, learning opportunities, peer and expert networks to those working on open local government.

More information on the background for developing the new strategy, and the key shifts from our existing strategy can be found in this blog here

The new strategy will be launched in 2020, after a program design phase which will run from now until the end of the year. OGP is committed to building out this work’s components in a way consistent with the values of open government and complementary to the partnership’s ongoing efforts. To that end, we’re organizing webinars to share more information about the new strategic directions, answer questions from the community and to begin to seek inputs for informing the implementation design.

These webinars have already taken place. You can access recordings below:

For more webinar recordings, visit our YouTube channel. If you have any questions about our webinars, please email

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