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Open Response + Open Recovery: Open Government and Digital Governance in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 response has seen unprecedented levels of technology being available to be used for a wide range of activities – from providing information about the contagion to the public to tracing and tracking infected individuals, often in real time. Access to the internet and online platforms have been invaluable in getting information in a timely manner across communities that need it the most. At the same time, the use of digital technologies have also posed significant risks. While intended for public health awareness, there are cases around the world where these practices lead to unintended violations of privacy rights. Lack of globally recognized standards on the use of these technologies exacerbate the problem and potential for misuse.

Experts from the World Wide Web Foundation, the Governments of France and Taiwan, Luminate, and Article 19 led a cross-sector conversation to unpack the policy measures related to use of digital platforms in times of crisis response and policy considerations important for longer term reform.

Watch the recording in EnglishSpanish or French, and learn more in the Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus.

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