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Recovering from COVID-19 & Renewing Democratic Values: Open Gov Week Opening Plenary

8:00 DC | 14:00 Rome | 21:00 Seoul

Join us May 17, 2021 for the opening plenary of Open Gov Week!

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The response to and recovery from COVID-19 continues, and persistent, systemic challenges laid to bare by COVID-19 remain. This high level plenary session hosted by the Chairs of OGP aims to showcase concrete ways to use open government approaches to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face – from the catastrophic health crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, to the global economic recession, an accelerating climate crisis, and systemic inequalities of income, gender and race. All of these are further exacerbated by challenges to democracy witnessed globally.

OGP’s Open Renewal campaign is about thinking anew on how these challenges can be solved. Learn how governments and civil society from across OGP’s membership are using open government approaches to tackle these challenges, and how reforms on civic space, anticorruption and digital governance can help ensure we: 

  • Drive a transparent and accountable recovery from the pandemic
  • Tackle systematic inequalities of income, gender and race
  • Address threats to democracy and civic space
  • Enhance public participation to reinvigorate democracy

Open Renewal is about more than resetting. It is about tackling the systematic weaknesses in our societies that for too long have held too many back and to renew trust, hope and the audacious spirit with which we launched OGP 10 years ago. What does Open Renewal mean to you?

English, French, Korean, and Spanish interpretation will be provided for this 75-minute session. This is being held as a part of Open Gov Week 2021. For information on other events and activities, please visit

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