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Civil Servant Training Modules (BA0003)



Action Plan: Bosnia and Herzegovina Action Plan 2019-2021

Action Plan Cycle: 2019

Status: Active


Lead Institution: Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption

Support Institution(s): Civil Service Agency of BiH NGO Infohouse

Policy Areas

Anti-Corruption, Capacity Building, Conflicts of Interest, E-Government

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Pending IRM Review

Potential Impact:

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


Which public issue will be addressed by this obligation?
Strengthening the awareness of the harmfulness of corruption and the strengthening of ethics and professional integrity of civil servants.

What is the obligation?
Creating and distributing a survey that will be compulsory for civil servants employed in BiH institutions in order to determine the state of the personal integrity of civil servants. Based on the conducted survey, analysis is to be made of the existing state of integrity in the civil service. The Agency, in cooperation with NGO INFOHOUSE, initiates activities on the development of online education aimed at improving the knowledge of civil servants regarding the drafting of integrity plans in institutions in BiH as well as on the issue of strengthening ethics and professional integrity. Creation as well as the publication of online modules on the official site of the Agency.

How will the fulfilment of the obligation contribute to the solving of the public problem?
Training is designed to improve and develop institutional capacities, improve the role of employees in state institutions, contribute to the prevention, monitoring and detection of corruptive behaviours.

Why is this obligation relevant to OGP values?
It is important to improve human resource capacities, to achieve an adequate structure of employees to maximize and enhance their capabilities in the area of corruption prevention (development of institutional and human capacity in the area of corruption prevention). To raise awareness of the damaging effects of corruption as well as emphasizing the importance that the institutions are employing professional and impartial staff whose function is to serve the citizens.

Designing and making a survey for civil servants
Distribution of the survey to the civil servants .
Analysis and publication of collected data
Preparation of materials needed for education
Preparing moodle for education
Publication of moodle on the official website of the Agency and sending notices to civil servants about the possibility of attending the said education

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