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Madrid, Spain

Madrid in Data (MAD0007)



Action Plan: Madrid Action Plan 2018-2020

Action Plan Cycle: 2018

Status: NR


Lead Institution: 6/30/2020

Support Institution(s): Área de Gobierno de Coordinación Territorial y Cooperación Público-Social y Área de Participación Ciudadana, Transparencia y Gobierno Abierto

Policy Areas

Audits, Records Management

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: 0

Design i

Verifiable: Pending IRM Review

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact:

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review




  1. Creation of an Anonymous Complaints Mailbox

    MAD0006, 2018, Audits

  2. Madrid in Data

    MAD0007, 2018, Audits

  3. Control Panel of Government Commitments

    MAD0008, 2018, Audits

  4. Transparency in Waste Management and Creation of a Waste Information Platform

    MAD0009, 2018, Audits

  5. Creation of a City Observatory

    MAD0010, 2018, Audits

  6. Creation of a Mandatory Lobby Registry

    MAD0001, 2017, Audits

  7. Developing a New Transparency Portal for Madrid City Council

    MAD0002, 2017, Aid

  8. Development of Participatory Budgeting.

    MAD0003, 2017, Audits

  9. Citizen Participation Policy Extension.

    MAD0004, 2017, Audits

  10. Developing Efficient Collaborative Legislation Mechanisms.

    MAD0005, 2017, Audits

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